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Would you rather watch or live Star Trek?

“Yes, I do heartily repent. I repent I had not done more mischief... ” – anonymous pirate, asked on the gallows if he repented.

Why are pirates better than every one else?
They just Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

Corsair PatchIf you're interested in science fiction, community service, and general mayhem with a splash of tabasco, you've come to the right place. Currently patrolling the Baton Rouge and Florida Parishes Sectors of Louisiana including the cities of EBR, Gonzales, Livingston & Hammond, the USS CORSAIR, a Chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, brings its own unique Louisiana flare to science fiction fandom.

To start your adventure as a member of our crew, transmit the online application found under the "JOIN" Tab or participate in one of our numerous fun 'Away Missions.'

Are you foolhardy enough to join our crew of Red Shirts at these type of Away Missions?

  • Quark's Mixology Classes
  • Movie Madness Marathons
  • Dr. Crusher's School of Dance @ local nightclubs
  • Excursions to historical, cultural, and just plain old strange places
  • Speak Klingon and Rihannsu w/ the AtoZ Star Trek Book Club
  • Diplomatic Negotiation Training (Game Days w/Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity & whatever Will W recommends!)
  • Convention Craziness trying to pull together a costume w/a hot glue gun, duct tape, and rubber bands.
  • Tactical Training (Laser Tag, Artemis Bridge Simulator)
  • Swashbucking Scribes PBEM Roleplay

Beam Aboard Today!

The USS CORSAIR is a part of STARFLEET the world’s oldest and largest fan run Star Trek Association. In addition to a great set of membership materials and regularly-published newsletter, STARFLEET gives members the chance to get involved with STARFLEET Academy, the STARFLEET Marine Corps, the Department of Technical Services, and much, much more.

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Trisha Rohal Tunis
Trisha Rohal TunisMay 1st, 2015 at 3:14pm

So who is joining us to see Avengers tonight? Meet inside the Grand Cinema at 6:30!

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Matt Ezell
Matt Ezell shared Fantasy and Sci-Fi Rock My World's photo to the group: USS Corsair NCC-26556 Baton Rouge LA.May 3rd, 2015 at 12:50am
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Matt Ezell
Matt Ezell shared Our Star Trek Page ( The 2009 movie was blasphemy )'s photo to the group: USS Corsair NCC-26556 Baton Rouge LA.May 2nd, 2015 at 2:47am
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Edward C. Tunis III
Edward C. Tunis IIIMay 1st, 2015 at 1:53pm

Anyone else notice the class ship for this picture?

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Matt Ezell
Matt Ezell shared Dreams of Silver Cosplay's photo to the group: USS Corsair NCC-26556 Baton Rouge LA.April 29th, 2015 at 11:08pm
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