Now Boarding in Lafayette…

25b6bced8e6c9f752a2397014a91d73fWe’re seeking Star Trek fans who want to take their experience to the next level,share their love of sci-fi with others and help establish a STARFLEET chapter/shuttle/MEU in Lafayette, Louisiana!

Quick Start Checklist

We’re excited to get this chapter up and running in time for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek! How best to celebrate then with your fellow Trekkers (or Trekkies). This is how you can help make it happen!

  • Join Star Trek Meetup Lafayette. (Free). We need to know you’re out there, and be able to communicate! This will help us organize events and plan away mission, plus update you on the status of the Chapter/Shuttle.
  • Enlist in STARFLEET (optional, but highly, highly recommended). Make sure to select the USS CORSAIR (R3) as your chapter in the drop down menu. The more STARFLEET members we have to start out with, the better! Besides, you really want to say you attended STARFLEET Academy, right?
  • Like the USS CORSAIR Page on Facebook You can see our events calendar there, and get ideas on what is possible. Plus, bad, bad pirate jokes.
  • Help us recruit! It’s all about getting the word that the next generation of Star Trek fandom is here. The USS CORSAIR is happy to provide copies of marketing materials to help you.


What types of groups are possible?

Shuttle: Requires three STARFLEET members, reports once a month to an established chapter like the USS CORSAIR . The USS CORSAIR requests that the CO take Officer’s Training School(OTS) in order to become familiar with STARFLEET and Region 3. If, at some point in the future, the shuttlecraft is able to gather sufficient members, the group may apply for the Shakedown Program and become a full chapter in STARFLEET.

For more details on the Shuttle Program, refer to Shuttle Operations Document .

Shakedown Chapter: Requires at least five STARFLEET Members to file for Shakedown Status. CO and XO must have Officer’s Training School and be at least 18 years of age and file a  Vehicle Registration Request. The USS CORSAIR highly recommends completing Officer’s Command College (OCC) within 60 days of launch before you get too busy having fun to remember to take it!

Working with the Department of Technical Services(DTS), you can select the name and class ship of your chapter. A complete list of DTS policies can be found here.

To commission and successfully conclude the Shakedown mission, the chapter must have at least 10 STARFLEET members, CO and XO taken and passed Officer’s Command College, and filed their monthly status reports on time. Typically, Shakedown lasts about nine to twelve months, but can be shortened though the Accelerated Shakedown Program.

A complete checklist and FAQ for starting a STARFLEET chapter can be found at START MANUAL

Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) For those that enjoy a little more military flair with Star Trek, you can found a MEU. These are independent entities, and run by a Unit OIC. They report to the Region 3 Brigade OIC every other month on their activities. You only need ONE person to start an MEU. PD-100 is a highly recommended course from SFMC Academy to assist in familiarizing yourself with the STARFLEET Marine Corps.

What will the USS CORSAIR do as your support chapter?

We won’t run your chapter/shuttle for you, however, we’re here to assist and advise when you need us-whether that be helping to build a website, reviewing bylaws, staffing recruiting tables, or answering questions so you and your crew get the most of of STARFLEET. We’ve kicked out of the launch bay three chapters, assisted on organizing countless others, and the Command Staff has run a successful chapters for the past twenty years.

The awards speak for themselves that we know what we’re doing, and we’re passionate about Star Trek. We’ve been awarded Support Chapter of the Year, Regional Chapter of the Year, STARFLEET International Chapter of the Year (USS JUSTICE, NJ) Shakedown mission of the year (twice-once for the USS CORSAIR, another for the Maryland based USS RICHTHOFEN), STARFLEET Region 3 Commanding Officer of the Year, and other individual commendations and awards of merit.

We’re strongly committed to helping new chapters succeed, and knowledgeable about possible time/space anomalies that may occur during Shakedown missions. Because of these experiences, we’re able to suggest best practices when it comes to chapter administration.