Who Does What

Even pirates need some sort of organization..and this is the USS CORSAIR’s.

Command Staff: The Command Staff is the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Second Officer and Department Heads. They will be setting the overall policies for the USS CORSAIR, and troubleshooting any problems/questions general members may have.

Departments: Department Heads will be responsible for welcoming new members to their department, planning events, reaching out to members who we haven’t heard from in a while, and helping to establish/maintain sections. There are now three departments: Ship Services, Marines, and Sciences.

Sections: Section Chiefs and their crew report to the Departments, and aren’t necessarily ‘canon’. Our Crew is welcome to be creative (and even focus on non Trek interests) in what to call them, and what they encompass. For example, the “Time Anomaly” section could focus on Dr. Who related discussions and outings, the “R & D” Section could be members who are interested in costuming and prop building, the Stellar Cartography Section would focus on astronomy, Zoology Section, could be in charge of service projects for animals and yes, even a “Recreation” section that does board/card game nights.

Section Chiefs coordinate the day to day activities of their departments.