STARFLEET Academy-Cadet Studies

STARFLEET knows we need to train the next generation of starship captains, engineers, scientists, and medical personnel. How best to do it? With their own Cadet program! Courses range from Mathematics to Pokemon. (Pokemon are related distantly to tribbles, at least according to our research). Your family must be a member of STARFLEET to enroll and take these courses.

Cadets who excel in their studies, are eligible to become Blue Squad Members. Blue Squad Awards are give to the “Best” Cadet students who have attended STARFLEET Academy. The top student of the Institute of Cadet Studies becomes Blue Squad Leader.

There’s also an award for family participation in STARFLEET Academy! Gold Squad Awards are given for family involvement at the College level. The family that achieves the “best of the best” status, as a family, within a respective College, shall receive a Gold Squad Award for that College. These awards are a joint effort between the College Directors, Cadet College Directors, and Command Staff of the Academy.

Note: Cadets are welcome to take any of the “Adult” courses offered of the Academy with parental/guardian permission. If the parent has any questions, please feel free to contact the head of that particular college to see if it would be appropriate for their cadet.

Here is the current list of courses offered by the Institute of Cadet Studies (each opens in a new window):
Cadet College of Alien Studies
Cadet College of Federation Studies
Cadet College of Mathematics
Cadet College of Pokemon
Cadet College of Science Fiction Studies
Cadet College of Security
Cadet College of Space History
Cadet College of Spooky Friends
Cadet College of Xeno Studies
Cadet Preparatory College
Cadet Vulcan Academy of Science