What is a LARP? Larping (or LARPing) is short for “Live Action Role-Playing”. A live action role-playing game is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue their characters’ goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with one another in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus between players.

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“Space Station Omega”

Space Station Omega is a research station orbiting an exoplanet in deep space far from Earth. You have all recently joined the station after decades in suspended animation as you were transported out here. You are the first crew members of this brand-new research station and this is a very exciting time.

Life forms have been discovered on the planet. They seem to be pretty primitive, but scientists have brought some on board to study. They are currently in the bio-lab, which is under strict lockdown to prevent contamination of the samples.

While you have been trained on the station’s equipment, you are all still new to the station and have a bit of a learning curve. Even seasoned veterans need to learn the new equipment configuration.

Today, however, might be a little more exciting than the typical day in space

Space Station Omega will be run using the A Grandiose Disaster system. .A Grandiose Disaster is a new role play system that brings disaster and horror movie LARPs to your home. First you make your characters, based on tropes and templates: the rugged hero, the love interest, the comic relief, the precocious child, and so on. Then you are taken from scene to scene and in most scenes you have to decide which characters live and which die.

Space Station Omega is a representation of a disaster/horror movie. Some players may not enjoy such movies. The game system will require players to decide which characters will live and which will die. Some players may not be comfortable making this decision. This LARP may not appropriate for younger children.

Enigma – A prototype Android officer here to assist the station crew.
Medial Officer – Description coming soon.
Security Officer – Description coming soon.
Engineer Officer – Description coming soon.
Science Officer – Description coming soon.
Other Players – Description coming soon.


Past Episodes of



New routes of trade (to offset the monopoly caused by the Ferengi) have brought new conflicts. The Tellarites, a pg snout like race who value efficiency and cohesiveness, have been attacked (in their point of view) by the Andorians. The Tellarites only have a few planets, but they are located in a strategic spot for trade between the Andorians and Terrans. When they wouldn’t make room at their spaceport for the number of ships the Andorians requested, the Andorians decided to make room by clearing away some old Tellarite ships and taking control of the spaceport. The Tellarites were shocked at this barbaric behavior, as they pride themselves on their ability to get along and foster peace (once again from their point of view). The Andorians, on the other hand, can’t understand why the Tellarites cared so much about the loss of a few old ships, when the spaceport can now be used much more efficiently.

The Humans currently enjoy peaceful relations with all the aliens they know of, and are determined not to take sides or get involved in other races’ conflicts, especially since since this space station has been contested by the Andorians and Tellarites for decades. Even the Federation Council can’t reach an agreement. The humans are mainly interested in the peaceful trade of ideas, goods, and science, and have their own problems on Earth (and the rest of the Federation) to worry about.

You are currently aboard the Vulcan piloted Shuttle “Kotik”, headed from Earth to the Tellarite spaceport now under Andorian control. After several hours at warp six you are almost there. Your job is to act out your character’s attitudes and try and try to achieve your goals as best you can. Should you wish your character to use a physical attack, tell the GM what you wish to do and it will be resolved with a rock paper scissors duel, with ties going to the attacker

T’Ennar – 
The owner and pilot of the shuttle, this Vulcan doesn’t seem to care much for company.
Lee Meyer – A human Starfleet scientist who has been working on the computer for most of the flight.
Casey Borneo – This laid back, friendly human is heading to Andor for a surfing vacation
Kallo Stengrim – This important looking Andorian is amicable and confident.
Gend Garula – A tough looking, inquisitive Andorian who came on board with Kallo
Alema Lahani – As the only Tellarite, he seem rather .nervous, but also reserved.