March 2017-Marine Report

MGEN Edward went over the details of the Third Brigade Muster and Wilderness Challenge.

Muster ’17 will execute on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at Sherwood Forest (Location will be reserved for arrivals on Friday and departures on Sunday).

1000 hrs Muster Brief conducted at The Keep (castle)

Directly following the brief, we will group attendees into fire teams and conduct an orienteering course on the Sherwood Forest grounds.
This course will include round-robin stations, at which classes on field craft will be conducted. Field craft includes subjects such as camouflage
and concealment, judging distance, locating objects or persons in the field, basic first aid, and the like.

After the training, it’s been suggested that we team up and have a some sort of exercise on the Sherwood Forest campgrounds. Stay tuned for more details.

1900hrs Field Mess catered at The Keep

There will also be an auction to help raise funds for the Third Brigade.

The mess will be a Combat/Field mess and the uniform will be the Class-C uniform (BDU or flight suit). Our meal will be catered and consist of ‘field chow’ and includes a return of the Grog!

The purpose of the 3rd Brigade Combat Dining-In is to bring together members of the Dogs of War in an atmosphere of camaraderie, good fellowship, and social rapport. It serves to enhance the esprit de corps, lightens the load of demanding day-to-day work, gives the commander an opportunity to meet socially with their subordinates and enables military members of all ranks to create bonds of friendship and better working relations through an atmosphere of good fellowship.

The Third Brigade roleplay is continuing and is always looking for fresh crew to join in the adventure.

327th Marine Strike Group is also looking for a time and place (and volunteers) to run a disaster themed LARP.