SFI Membership Renewal Walkthrough

You get the message it’s time to renew your membership in STARFLEET. ┬áDon’t panic! You can do this!

First, go to the STARFLEET website


or directly to the renewal page

You will need your SCC #. This is the number provided when you signed up in your membership packet on your card, or email/DM/text the CO, XO, Second Officer, MSG OIC, or the Regional Coordinator and they can provide it for you. If this fails, because everyone is on Shoreleave, please put in a Help Desk ticket, and they can assist.


After you hit submit, this will take you to a screen that has your Name, contact information, and who is on your membership.

  • To keep the same family membership package and members, do not modify the member slots.
  • To remove a member from your family membership, erase his/her SCC# from the field box.
  • To add a member to your family membership, find an empty member slot below. Fill in required fields.
  • If you would like to remove a member and add another but do not have enough available member slots, remove the SCC# of the person you would like to remove and fill out the required fields for the new member in the removed member’s slot.

Add on any amount you wish to donate to the STARFLEET Scholarship fund (voluntary), any instructions, and what type of packet you wish to receive. You will still get a hardcopy of your membership certificate, card, & swag. The CD has the list of chapters, SFI Bylaws, and SFI Handbook.

Hit “SUBMIT” and this will connect you with Paypal, or if you’re paying by check, please snail mail in your check.

Once you have renewed, please let the CO know that you have, so it can be verified on the CORSAIR’s roster.